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Care Management

If you select Senior Care Advisors, we will conduct a thorough assessment
of you or your loved one.  The assessment includes:

  • Personal history;

  • Home safety check;

  • Identification of Activities of Daily Living;

  • Memory Test; and

  • Medicine Review in consultation with an expert.


Based on the assessment, Senior Care Advisors will: 

  • develop a care plan that will include a list of recommendations for services.

  • discuss the care plan with you and your loved ones, and anyone else you want to be part of your care plan. 

  • work with you to identify the appropriate service providers.  

  • never offer just one provider and will go over the advantages and disadvantages of each provider, based on our expert analysis.

Helping Hands

Do you have trouble getting your errands done?  Are you coming home from the hospital or a rehab stay and need some temporary help managing the house? Let Senior Care Advisors help.


We can provide a variety of errands and other chores for you, including:

  • Research handymen and other vendors for you;

  • Provide tutorial on computer, tablet, smart phone, social media;

  • Pick up dry cleaning;

  • Pick up prescription drugs and other items from pharmacy;

  • Contact the cable company or utilities; and

  • Take notes at the doctor’s office.

Educational Programs


Senior Care Advisors offers a menu of interactive programs on a variety of topics related to aging.  They include:


Total Memory Care Program 

  • How to Remember Names Better

  • How to Get Organized

  • Fun with Memory Games


Aging and Health

  • Stress Management

  • Aging in Place 101

  • How to Talk to Your Parents When They Need Help

An expert from Senior Care Advisors is available to provide these programs at your senior center, 55 and over community, house of worship, civic club, place of employment and other locations.  

I Finally Retired! Now What?

Senior Care Advisors offers personalized guidance for new retirees on the next stage of life.  Now that you have retired, we can help you pursue your passion. 
Do you want to: 

  • volunteer, 

  • find a part time job, 

  • get into shape, or 

  • finally take up your dream hobby?


We will research options for you and help you come up with an action plan to make it happen.  


It’s your time – make the most of it.

Business Employee Assistance Program

According to AARP’s 2015 report, Caregiving in the U.S.A., there are 52 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S.  This includes spouses, children, relatives and friends of seniors.  Close to 35% of caregivers spend 1-8 hours per week on caregiving tasks.  In addition, 22% spend 9-20 hours per week and 30% of caregivers spend at least 21 hours per week.  Even 1-8 hours per week can have a significant impact on a person’s time and his or her ability to focus on other tasks, including work.  


Senior Care Advisors understands that the stress of caregiving can lead to unhappy employees, missed work and decreased productivity.  We work with businesses to serve as a valuable resource to your employees on aging issues and caregiving.  Senior Care Advisors can provide educational programs and work one-on-one with your workers.  We are flexible and will work with you to design an effective program that will help your employees and your business.

For more information about our programs, please call us at 215.470.9010,

or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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